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Having a strong commitment to making life decisions and always striving to do one's best.

Continue to learn from time to time, learn from my own experience and the experiences of others, so as not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Following the Stoicism Life Philosophy, which teaches us not to think too much about the results of what has been done but to focus more on the process that is being passed, by working harder and making sure to do our best.





Providing ideas for how to use technology to simplify, save and speed up your business.

Web App

Develop Website Applications to grow your business, which can be used and reach all over the world.

Mobile App

Make it easier to use the application by being accessed via Smartphones (Android & IOS).

IT Consultant

Provide advice and input on using technology to solve problems that occur in your business and meet company business goals.

My Skills

I like to learn new things, especially in programming, because programming is very helpful in many things in human life.

I‘m currently focused on the field that is needed.

Web Programming

Mobile Programming